Sunday, 4 September 2011

Trying to reach... Fitbuggers... (Robot voice)

That's right Fitbuggers. I am trying to reach you.
Just to keep your mind focused on the important
stuff in this fitness game that we all love!

So, let's go back to fitness school for a brief lesson....

Oh... there's also some extra FREE goodies to download

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Back to fitness school basics

How to easily calculate (estimate) your caloric intake:

* Your maintenance caloric level is 14/16 kcals per lb of body weight

* Your fat loss caloric deficit is 11/13 kcals per lb of body weight

* Your size gain caloric surplus is anything over maintenance

Keep your focus on getting the majority
of your calories from protein sources and
whole foods to establish a good base of
vitamins and minerals in your diet.

How to easily calculate (estimate) your macro-nutrient intake:

* Protein: 1g - 2g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

* Fat: 0.35g - 0.45g of fat per pound of bodyweight.

* Remember that protein has 4 kcals per 1g, fat has 9 kcals per 1g and carbohydrates

have 4 kcals per 1g. Now, just fill in the rest of your caloric intake with whatever you want (poptarts, pizza, waffles).

Here are some other important points:

1. Cardio does not fix a bad diet.
2. The key to fat loss is caloric deficit.
3. The key to size increase is caloric surplus.
4. If fat loss is the goal, then there is no need to be in the gym more than three days in a week.
5. If size gain is the goal, follow a program for strength and/or hypertrophy.
6. Optimal fat loss is obtained through weight training, not cardio. Weight training builds muscle and promotes fat loss. Cardio promotes fat AND muscle loss.
7. It does not matter when you eat or when you workout.
8. The majority of your intake should come from whole foods for the purpose of getting micronutrients (vitamins/minerals) in your diet as well as macronutrients (protein/fat/carbs).
9. There is no perfect answer. No magic pill. No cure-all routine. The only common denominators are hard work, dedication and your motivation.
10. Diet > Lifting Heavy > Cardio

Cheat day tips:

1. Eat a big breakfast before going to the store on a Cheat

2. Throw out any cheat food leftovers before you go to bed
after a Cheat Day

Do those and you'll maximize the
effectiveness of your Cheat
Days without over-spending and
without having your Cheat
Day spill over to your diet week.

Again, this is just the basic and normal
things that you need to keep at the
forefront of your mind throughout
your life in fitness. I'll probably follow up
on this with some new cutting edge info
at some point. But for now, here are those
FREE goodies again.

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To all our fitness successes


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Accelerate your fat loss in 5 days

Hello Fitbuggers...

We all know that to build a killer body
you have to spend more (effective and
productive) time in the kitchen, rather
than endless hours in the gym. And when
I talk about being productive in the kitchen
I'm talking about preparing the right foods
and avoiding the ones that sabotage your
fitness results. And below are 3 foods that
you should consider eating less of (Or in moderation),
if your goal is to stay shredded in 2011 and beyond.

#1: Fruit Juices

Most of the world is fooled into thinking that
downing fruit juices is a great way to be healthy
and lose weight. But the fact is that this just isn’t
true. Grape juice, orange juice, pineapple juices,
apple juice—they all almost instantly spike your
blood sugar levels and cause cravings for more sugar.
Even worse, processed juices are stuffed with High
Fructose Corn Syrup and Crystalline Fructose
which cause even more powerful cravings than regular
ol’ sugar. Eat fruit instead. The fiber in whole fruit slows down
the release of insulin and holds cravings at bay.

#2: Bread

White bread is stripped of all its natural fiber
and nutrition. It acts just like sugar in your
body and gets quickly stored as fat. I see
obese children eating white bread sandwiches
and slurping on fruit juice all the time… and
it breaks my heart. Children will eat
healthy foods if they are not introduced
to processed foods that addict them and alter
their sense of taste.

#3: Most Cereals

Take a look at most cereal boxes and you
will see a TON of sugar in every servings
and most people eat two or three servings in a
bowl. Then they wonder why they’re hungry
an hour or so later. Check the labels and stick
to cereals that have a lot of natural
fiber and lower sugar. Equal amounts of fiber
and sugar will help reduce cravings. What’s more,
natural oatmeal is a great choice with a little cinnamon,
stevia and a couple blueberries. It’s loaded
with fiber with some good fats and proteins.


It was also the weekend of the WBFF
championships. Last years winners
(And our good friends, who we both
interviewed in the past) Miryah Jade Scott
and Obi Obadike went into defend their
titles. Miryah did it once again for the
3rd year in a row. Obi nearly got their again
but placed a close 2nd this time around.
Yet, he is still considered the most
ripped 'dude' in the fitness industry.
And he explains how he stays ripped
24/7/365 in the video below

How to 'effectively' stay shredded <=== CLICK TO WATCH

To all our fitness successes


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Don't make this supplement mistake...

Hello Fitbuggers...

Last night before bed I totally FORGOT to take my...

Fish Oils
Joint Complex
and my...


Ok...this may not seem like all that big of a deal to you, right?

But the fact is, FORGETTING to take whatever supplements you include in
your training and nutritional program is the #1 way to waste your money...

...and sabotage your results!

Sure, there are some supplements that you "feel" working right away.

Whey protein is one of them and I use it in quite often in my own personal supplements.
recipes. You can get the recipes from a book called...

Home made supplement secrets <=== LEARN MORE HERE

But many supplements require you to take them religiously for a period of time as
they continue to slowly help you achieve your goals.

Forgetting to take them at the prescribed time in the right doses may not help you
achieve the desired results and while you may blame the supplement for not
"performing"... could be that YOU are the one to blame!

A Supplement Lesson From My Grandmother...

That's can learn something from dear old Granny on this one!

I mean, who better to teach you how to stay on track with your supplements than
someone who has to take about 20 or so every day at very specific times?

And you wanna know her "secret weapon"?

Just go down to your local drug store or pharmacy and pick up one of those
small "1-Week Pill Compartment" thingies!

You know the ones...they have a bunch of small compartments with
"S-M-T-W-T-F-S" on the covers.

I actually have one that has 3 compartments for each day of the week for my
morning, afternoon, and evening supplements.

Then I set my cell phone's alarm to go off every day at the right time and
remind me to take my "pills".


Except that last night my phone died and I spaced out on my "PM formulas"!'s not foolproof...but Granny knows best!

Granny also knows how to save money. If you want to save time and money on your supplement bill (Time, from reading endless articles), then be sure to learn the real truth about supplements...

Here <=== The Truth About Supplements

It's a win-win!

To all our fitness and bodybuilding successes

Fit Bugger Michael