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Chris Hemsworth Thor workout - Chris Hemsworth Thor

Chris Hemsworth Thor workout - Chris Hemsworth Thor

So you want to look like Chris Hemsworth after seeing his physique in the 2011 Thor movie do you? Well, I say good on you. Why? Well, you've been inspired, which his the perfect recipe for workout motivation. Which of course pushes you to reach your fitness goals even quicker.

The Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout

Ok. The workout.

Once Chris Hemsworth knew he got the role for Thor, the director Kenneth Branagh told Chris to bulk up as quick as he can for the role. Chris did exactly that and gained 20lbs of muscle in just 12 weeks.



Chris actually got too big and the director said he needed to slim down?


Well, first I'll describe what Chris Hemsworth did to gain 20lbs of muscle

Muscle building period: Part 1

Chris Hemsworth Thor workout

What Chris did was simple. Eat well, sleep well and perform compound exercises ONLY. These are exercises that use all 4 limbs of your body at the same time, which is great for functional strength building too. The Big 3 compound exercises Chris used were

1. The Bench Press

2. Deadlifts

3. Squats

The problem

This is great, but, this type of workout gave Chris a curvy, hour-glass waist line. This is something guys will not want. You want the V-shape body. Small waist, bigger upper body. What I like to call the super hero physique.

The Director gave Chris 3 weeks to change his physique in time for shooting. To lose some of that bulk and lean out, tightening up his skin.

The solution: Part 2

Chris Hemsworth Thor workout

So, Chris got himself a trainer and together they worked out using a common method known as the Shrink wrap effect. In fact, most holly wood stars use this before filming

Click the link below

The shrink wrap effect <<<

The video there will explain in more detail.

In simple terms, Chris focused on higher reps and lighter weights. The result? Tighter abs and muscle definition and of course a more noticeable waist line.

If this is the body you want, then the Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout will give you that, in a matter of weeks

Click the link below to get started

The Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout <<<<---CLICK HERE

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