Monday, 9 May 2011

Dwayne Johnson Workout - Dwayne Johnson training

Dwayne Johnson Workout, aka The Rock, has starred in movies such as The Scorpion King, Race to Witch Mountain, The Tooth Fairy, The Rundown, Walking Tall, and is in the upcoming action movie Faster. While he is now a lean Hollywood star, The Rock used to be much bulkier.

In college, Dwayne Johnson played defensive end at 285lbs. He slimmed down to 260lbs when he entered the WWE. He need a more athletic build. This also helped him get a more defined, marketable build.

After he earned the WWE title as the People's Champ, The Rock moved on to Hollywood. He soon realized that Hollywood stars have very lean builds. He decided to cut his weight to 225lbs. My Shrinkwrap report explains how he did it


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